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  • bobo0106
    Very good. location is excellent, my luck is good, stay, and I live only another person, it is very quiet, with people well. equivalent of someone on the chat, and cheap hotels.
  • E00534090
    General Kota General General Kota General General Kota General General Kota General General Kota General General Kota General
  • e00153279
    Nice authentic Beijing still can't open the window because the window of the room hallway, front desk girl cold?
  • annpanp
    Winter ... ... Lonesome. crash
  • DreamTraveller
    Distance is close to the bird's nest, the transportation is convenient, friendly, and will come again!
  • devinwang
    Rooms are clean and elegant picture matches the surrounding environment
  • fogandfog
    Is the girl at the front desk are not so enthusiastic, but the service was attentive and responsive. attic books in the shop is not open to the coffee shop for outsourcing. arrival gave of Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush, hair dryer, television, WiFi
  • yoyo80838
    Very quiet, nice
  • delia_bu
    Environment are particularly good, but rooms too simple, no TV, public area into a consumer's bar, rooms even have almost gone
  • anne_xu0707
    Originally scheduled for two days, to tell us only one day, after day guests. room facilities are not complete, are very small, few people turned all the difficulties. mosquitoes more sheet spot stains are found. in short very dissatisfied
  • e01416264
    From the sea near, nothing is worth a big bed room 380, feel good, recommends traveling alone to fight many backpackers choose room feels very cheap here.
  • sunman778
    Rooms are very small, location is good
  • abigalexinli
    Water Tan Metro station out walk ten minutes, on can see. location is good, back West, and Houhai apart a article road. out on can feel Houhai morning of quiet and night of charming (bar brings together to). away from deshengmen Tower walk 15 minutes, to wall of traffic car on in there. first times live Green Brigade, not too habits, but feel also good.
  • marsweet
    In General, the facility is simple.
  • jayge
    Nice! very quiet! service is also very good!
  • e00938098
    Don't want to say anything, really not suitable for business
  • sunmeng0514
    Location not too hard to find in a small alley, there is no clear hotel name. the room is too small. Services, not credit card
  • cissyea
    Convenient transportation and elegant environment, other special General
  • mydorm
    Location located in the Houhai area, very convenient. area is after these fascinating places.
  • wuermimi
    Great tours, beautiful environment, the room clean and tidy. sand inside the hostel in the historic attractions, night walk along the shisha to Houhai sea park for a drink.
  • sbrinajia
    Look shabby room, don't even have a TV, it has a geographical advantage, expensive!
  • yiyiboya
    Good peripheral environment, the traffic is convenient, but poor facilities, no TV, have no pot to boil water, the waiter also didn't love talking to people, but of relatively warm
  • caomei2006
    Room was very clean towels and toiletries in the room need to bring their own quiet very comfortable surrounding is not too hard to find some not from the Houhai and Yan Dai Xie Jie around short distances don't eat much cycling more than 300 more prices are reasonable but also can accept
  • clian2010
    Worse than expected according to cheat
  • sabryang
    This hotel is near from the jishuitan, suitable for business travel, around the old Beijing courtyard, nice
  • camseries
    Hotel very special, front desk staff was very friendly, less than ten minutes walk from jishuitan hospital.
  • justcat
    Conveniently, Metro bus within 15 minutes. is no kettle in the room.
  • ymx028
    Nice, location is good, just can't swipe, a bit inconvenient.
  • adamspeng
    Store is very warm, near shichahai, bar has some great shows in a band on the side, fit like relax like the literary life of travelers, but the place is a bit remote, hard to find, said the service was put in place, Zambia
  • eeeeeeee
    Room less than two people have no place to put a suitcase without bathroom has no door travel with friends can be a bit awkward distance from the Metro station is not very convenient price high
  • AndersonYue
    Good location, the hotel features around the transportation is very convenient, the overall environment is good, room is clean, service is good.
  • ljeva060921
    Also, more difficult to find, not attracting attention; Hotel speed is good, there is no provided SOAP, toothbrushes, which bring their own. the health conditions of OK
  • even88
    Good location, but the general health conditions
  • e00658847
    Friends good feedback
  • coresoft
    Hotel great location, surroundings, hotel toilet no way, needs to be improved.
  • ljctw
    Not recommended on the grounds that price too low. lived here only for convenience only.
  • e00640700
  • jinbo82913
    Noise in General
  • erdong1977
    Very nice place
  • mxw123
    Room facilities are too small, don't even have a TV, no table and chairs
  • nana305664085
    Nice rooms
  • easttip
    More difficult to find, no TV, boiling water to burn at the front desk, arranged in a well
  • airpig
    Service is special special of poor door both waiter sat door sofa play game see scream fundamental not talk you go front desk didn't people back head asked they only know they is waiter environment General's room hardware also General didn't one-time wash appliances I can understanding Green Brigade play of is this bitter forced style didn't Kettle didn't TV not know is World Green Brigade of standard most he MOM nausea of is you Green Brigade of bathroom district on took a big glass partition also block a translucentWhite curtain mud horse alone is not a gun is sorry 298 did not say about the price of a follicle
  • Armageddon
    If you have an unruly artistic sensibilities, all those years you lived in a single apartment, if you like unique, if you want to experience different living experience, I recommend this hostel. feel it in your heart to your life
  • benbenma
    Good location, traffic very convenient. accommodation well suited to holiday residence.
  • alofnarita
    Position is located in the West Sea and after the intersection, is a bit far from Metro station, Hotel looks humble, well inside the room without TV, poor insulation, we stayed in the shower can not drain
  • Moshikeyue
    Guy at the front desk is very nice
  • Alex Ang
    Very average hotel, so-so, and not come to the hotel!
  • abv_119
    Featured hotels, redevelopment of old buildings, should feel better in the summer, many bars in the vicinity.
  • e00132328
    OK, very good, good surrounding environment, is very convenient, is looking at facilities and some need trimming!